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South Dakota's Driven Fence Supplier

South Dakota's Driven Fence Supplier

With 20+ years of experience, our family-owned business is here to help elevate you to the next level of fence entrepreneurship—reliable, trustworthy, and competitive prices.

Mid America Fence Supply is a family-owned and operated fence outfit in Ramsey, Minnesota. With years of installation experience working under our parent company, Northland Fence, we decided to share our material and expertise with the rest of the Midwest. We proudly serve South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin with high-quality materials, efficient packaging, and innovative processes designed to help launch your business to the next level!

Our service areas include the following hubs and the surrounding communities:

The Mid America Difference

At Mid America Fence Supply, we go above and beyond to deliver residential fencing solutions designed to withstand the harsh and ever-changing climate the Midwest experiences. Our unique and innovative method of installation has proven its superiority over the conventional concrete footing time and time again. With our driven post system, you can install more fences per year with fewer and fewer adjustments and repairs.

We’ve done the research, the in-field testing and refined the process, so you don’t have to. With Mid America Fence Supply by your side, you can become the new leading installer in your market.

  • Black Chain Link Fence: 4′ and 5′ 8-gauge finished black vinyl-coated chain link is in stock and stored indoors. Sold in tailor-made packages accompanied by convenient fitting kits designed to make you more efficient and productive.
  • Vinyl Privacy Fence: 6′ tongue & groove vinyl privacy fences are sold in white, tan, khaki, and two-tone variations, all in stock and stored indoors. Sold in unique bundle quantities designed to provide the best price and experience in the market. 
  • Black Ornamental Steel Fence: 4′ and 5′ 3-rail flat-top steel options are in stock and stored indoors. This elegant material is packaged in specially designed quantities to better serve our customer’s ongoing needs and elevate them to the next level.

Not only do we offer great pricing but offer term up to 120 days!