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6390 McKinley St. NW
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All Your Ornamental Steel Fencing Needs

All Your Ornamental
Steel Fencing Needs

Our ornamental flat-top steel fencing offers security and versatility at an affordable price. The material’s impeccable quality and the final product’s elegant look add curb appeal and value to every home. Ornamental steel is an excellent option if you need to keep a close eye on your kids, secure your property from unwanted visitors or add a little TLC to your backyard. With 4′ and 5′ heights in stock, Mid America Fence Supply is ready to make visions a reality! 

Drive Posts

Mid America Fence Supply recommends you install ornamental drive posts 48″ below grade. This prevents post-heaving and offers a long-lasting final product to your customers. 

Sleeve Driven Posts

Simply sleeve the black ornamental 2″ x 2″ post over the driven post.

Install Panels and Gates (Complete Fence)

Once the posts are installed and sleeved, you are ready to start laying out the panels and assembling the fence.  


Our carbon steel posts are hot-dipped with a galvanized coating protecting against corrosion. Rust, corrosion, and the elements are no match for our ornamental components. With a 15-year materials warranty, your customers have the peace of mind of knowing they can depend on their fence for years.

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Not only do we offer great pricing but offer term up to 120 days!